fit2work Training - Documents and Videos
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Getting started with fit2work
Requesting checks With Online Consent
Requesting Checks - Bulk Invites
Navigating your fit2work Account Dashboard
Managing your Check Applications
Check Status - Colour Index
Accessing and Reading Check Reports
Applicant Portal- The Candidate Experience
Australian Credit Reports - What you need to know
An Overview of fit2work Qualification Checks
An Overview of fit2work Employment Checks
Billing - 1. Invoicing Changes effective 1 November 2018
Billing - 2. Equifax Invoice Portal Guide for fit2work - November 2018
Billing - 3. f2w Sample Invoice
Billing - 4. f2w Sample Detailed Usage File
New Zealand Clients - Accessing and Reading Check Reports
New Zealand Clients - Applicant_Portal_Candidate_Experience
New Zealand Clients - Check_Status_Colour_Index
New Zealand Clients - Getting_Started_with_fit2work
New Zealand Clients - Glossary_of_Terms
New Zealand Clients - Managing_NZ_Check_Applications
New Zealand Clients - Navigating_your_NZ_Fit2work_Account_Dashboard
New Zealand Clients - Obligations_of_Authorised_Officers_for_Criminal_History_Checks
New Zealand Clients - Requesting_Checks_Bulk_Invites
New Zealand Clients - Requesting_Checks_Generic_Link
New Zealand Clients - Requesting_NZ_Checks_With_Online_Consent
New Zealand Clients - Requesting_NZ_Checks_with_Written_Consent_Form
Completing a Medical Check Application
Ordering a Medical Check
Medical Checks - FAQs
Glossary of Terms

An Introduction to the fit2work Portal

Requesting an Online Check for your Applicants (Managed Clients) on fit2work

Accessing and Reading fit2work Results

How To Track Your Checks

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